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    Smitty's Test Results Empty Smitty's Test Results

    Post by OutcastGaming on Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:21 pm

    Wins Vs Loss: 5/15
    5 pts for each win, 2:0 in testee's favor equals 15 points

    Focused 15/15
    were they focused on the duel the whole time?

    Consistency: 5/5
    How consistent were they with getting the cards they needed

    Side Deck?: 0/5
    You either have one or you don't

    Used Side Deck?: 0/10
    0 if testee had no side deck

    How Much Strategy Was Used?: 12/20
    Was testee using an actual elaborate strategy, or were they just going for it

    Card Usage and Knowledge: 18/20
    Did they use and know what they were doing or should have done, or did they throw random things out just for the heck of it?

    Flexibility and Concentration: 12/20
    How did the testee deal and work with what was going on in the duel? Did they adapt and know what was going on, or did they not?

    Did the testee respect you 15/15
    This is self explanatory, this does not count towards if they swore at all, just if they were nice or rude

    Testee's Skill in general 8/10
    How skilled was the testee with their deck

    Tester's Opinion 12/15
    Your personal opinion


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