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    Post by OutcastGaming on Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:19 pm

    Wins vs losses 0/15
    5 points each time the testee wins.

    Focus and attention 10/10
    Did the testee go AFK and respond slowly often?

    Rulings/Misplays 5/5
    -1 for each ruling mistake and misplay
    +1 for each ruling mistake/misplay that the testee corrects the tester on

    Synergy 3/5
    Is the testee able to make extensive plays or combos?
    How well does the testee’s cards work together?
    only in the first duel

    Card utility and consistency 7/10
    Did the testee get “bad draws” or a “bad hand” often? Etc.

    Deck building 7/10
    Did their deck have a healthy balance of utility and synergy?
    If not was there a good reason for it?
    Deck was quite balanced, but would be unable to do much if probhibition stopped stardust dragon.
    Skill 8/ 10
    How effectively did the testee use the cards they had?
    the pot of duality probably stopped you from making plays the most.
    Side deck 0/10
    give 5 pts if side deck is full.Side deck usage 0/5
    Give an additional 5 pts if they side decked and it was effective

    Testee attitude 5/5
    How well mannered, respectful, polite, etc, where they?

    Total TalentPts : 45/85
    Welcome to ]Slifer Red Dorm!]

    Obelisk Blue dorm : 80 to 85 TalentPts.
    Ra Yellow dorm :61 to 79 TalentPts.
    Slifer Red dorm : 0 to 60 TalentPts.

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