Test Rubric v2 (Updated)

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     Test Rubric v2 (Updated) Empty Test Rubric v2 (Updated)

    Post by (TPB) $$$ on Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:13 pm

    Rubric: No Exodia or Banned cards allowed in the test. *Auto wins are not allow in the test as well*

    Wins Vs Loss: _/20
    5 pts for each win, 2:0 in testee's favor equals 15 points

    Focused _/20
    were they focused on the duel the whole time?

    Consistency: _/10
    How consistent were they with getting the cards they needed

    Extra Deck?:_/10
    You either have one or you don't

    Used Extra Deck?:_/20
    0 if testee had no extra deck

    How Much Strategy Was Used?: _/20
    Was testee using an actual elaborate strategy, or were they just going for it

    Card Usage and Knowledge: _/20
    Did they use and know what they were doing or should have done, or did they throw random things out just for the heck of it?

    Flexibility and Concentration: _/20
    How did the testee deal and work with what was going on in the duel? Did they adapt and know what was going on, or did they not?

    Good Sport  _/20
    This is self explanatory, this does not count towards if they swore at all, just if they were nice or rude

    Testee's Skill in general _/20
    How skilled was the testee with their deck

    Tester's Opinion _/
    Your personal opinion


    Congrats your in ????? Dorm!

    Sacred Beasts Grey -150-200
    Obelisk Blue - 101-150 Points
    Ra Yellow - 61-100 Points
    Slifer Red - 0-60 Point

    you can be retested every month, once you are in Sacred Beasts Grey and have perfect 200/200 scores you can join the society of light dorm, but you must first (TPB) $$$ of this site.

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