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    Post by (TPB) $$$ on Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:58 am

    Hello and welcome to Society Of Light Academy's Main Shop. Here you may use the currency of our site (Points) and exchange them and purchase any of the following Items:

    Name Change: 300 Points
    (You may only request this once per month)

    GFX or Deckshop: 700 Points
    (Make a new Topic under Main Shops)

    Username Glow (Temporary): 1000 Points
    ( Use this site and insert the Hex Color Code you wish your glow to be: http://www.color-hex.com/ )
    This will only last one month.

    Custom Rank: 1500 Points
    Request your own Special Rank Name and we can make that happen.
    (If you'd like an image to go with it, just ask me, InuYasha, and I can make you one.

    Host Tourney: 3000 Points
    (MUST have approval from (TPB) $$$ or a Lead Staff (Mod) before purchasing this.)

    Create your own group!!! (Temporary only of you can keep your payment on it you will have to keep paying for it once a month): 3000 Points
    [color=#ffffff] This might take less than 2 day to make but get it fast! (limited space)

    To request an item, use this Application in the spoiler below:

    Item Name:

    *Items may change or be altered at any time*

    Have fun shopping members!

    If you have any question's for me about the point shop please post about it here in the link below.

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